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Dear parents!

We are constantly recruiting children from 3 to 7 years old. Fill out the application for admission and we will contact you!
«Classic Kindergarten»
Group on duty: 19.00 — 21.00
Working hours: 08.00 — 18.00, Mon-Fri
Step by step enrollment process
Step 02
We invite you and your child to an entrance interview with specialists, a methodologist, a speech therapist and a psychologist.

We form questions to the child based on the age norm, to which the child can give an independent answer.

Based on the results, we make a decision on the readiness of the child to attend our kindergarten.
Step 03
We conclude an agreement, make an advance payment and enroll the child in the appropriate age group.
Step 01
We introduce you and your child to kindergarten. If the information on the site is not enough, we can sign you up for a tour. You can sign up here.
Documents for admission
— Health passport

— Vaccination card

— Information about the epidemiological environment

— Form №63, Form №26

— Analysis of scrapings for ENTEROBIOSIS (3 times)

— Copies of the child's birth certificate (2 copies)

— Copies of legal representatives' identity cards

— A copy of the identity card of persons authorized by power of attorney to bring and pick up the child (1 copy)

— A notarized power of attorney from the Legal representative (for an authorized person authorized to bring and pick up the child)
Skills that a child must have for admission
Social skills:

Likes to play with toys, plays simple stories with a chain of actions. The child is aware of his/her actions - can answer questions about what he/she is doing and why, what he/she will do next. Knows how to wash his/her face, brush teeth, go to the toilet, dress after sleep. Knows where everything lies and easily fulfills the requests of an adult to find and bring. Plays alongside his/her peers, sometimes joining his/her partner in the game. In the family, he/she shows a desire to do a lot himself/herself.
Cognitive activity:

Knows his/her gender, age, first and last names. Owns the concepts of “one-many”, “big-small”, “high-low”. Knows the generalizing words “dishes, clothes, toys”. Age-appropriate poems are remembered quickly, firmly or slowly, after many repetitions, but on the whole successfully. From the age of 3 there is a sharp increase in the vocabulary, the child knows about 1500 words. Pronounces all vowels and consonants in words, except for hissing and sonorous sounds. Complex sentences with conjunctions appear. Easily repeats unfamiliar words after an adult. Correctly holds a pencil, brush; draw strokes, horizontal, vertical, rounded lines. Outlines the contours, copies the cross, reproduces the forms.
Study skills:

Accurately names red, blue, green, yellow colors. Selects identical shades of color. Knows how to count within 5, does not get confused, shows the appropriate number of fingers on the hand. Distinguishes geometric shapes and names: circle, square, triangle, oval, rectangle. Can draw several well-known objects the way adults taught (if he/she doesn’t draw, then at least can copy a cross, straight lines).
Social skills:

Story games are becoming diverse, substitute items are widely used. Can play together with another child of the same age. Treat children differently. Copes with simple tasks (water the flowers, set the table, wipe the dust). He/she dresses for a walk and undresses, returning from a walk, on his own.
Cognitive activities:

He knows his/her gender, age, first and last names, names the city in which he/she lives, the date of his/her birth. Can learn a poems longer than four lines and knows them (reproduces at any time, not only after memorization). Begins to navigate in space, understands “above”, “below”, “next to”, “between”, “opposite”, “under”, “above”, “inside”. The number of objects that the child can draw increases. There are plot drawings, often monotonous. All defects in sound pronunciation disappear. The number of adjectives, adverbs, pronouns is increasing. Builds sentences of 6-8 words.
Study skills:

Can cut out appliqué details from paper, stick them on, sculpt simple figures from plasticine. Knows how to count within 10, does not get confused, shows the appropriate number of fingers on the hand. Accurately draws lines without lifting the pencil from the paper, shades the figures with even lines, sees the outline of the drawing.
Social skills:

Board games with rules become available: dominoes, checkers, lotto. Plays “school” game, taking on the role of a teacher. Easily joins in a joint game with children, can agree with a partner on joint actions, well understands the instructions of not very familiar people for organizing any activity. In the presence of parents, he/she can essentially answer questions from complete strangers.
Cognitive activity:

Gives his/her name, surname, says how old he/she is, names the city in which he/she lives, knows the names of parents, their profession and where they work. Spatial (right and left) and temporal (morning, afternoon, evening, recently, yesterday, tomorrow) representations are formed. Knows the current month, the sequence of days of the week, seasons. Can generalize furniture, clothing, vegetables/fruits, domestic/wild animals, household appliances, toys. Comparative and superlative degrees of adjectives, various antonyms appear in speech, the ability to distinguish sounds in words and add words from sounds is formed.
Study skills:

Counting within 10 as well as in reverse order, the ability to solve simple problems and puzzles, determine the direction: forward, backward, right, left, up, down. Correctly answers the questions: “How much?”, “Which?”, “Which one in the order?”. Knows such geometric shapes as square, rectangle, circle, triangle, trapezoid, rhombus; geometric bodies: cube, ball, cylinder, pyramid.
220.000 ₸
The cost of the provided place and services of preschool education, training and maintenance in our kindergarten.
At the conclusion of the contract, a refundable deposit is made in the amount of the cost of services for one billing month. In case of termination of the contract, in the absence of debt, the amount of the deposit is refundable.

We do not practice a policy of entrance fees and other payments that are not included in the monthly payment under the contract.
We are a participant in financing under the State Educational Order at the age of 3 to 6 years.

Upon receipt of a referral under the State Educational Order, the cost is reduced by the amount of the normative per capita financing of services.
In addition to the provided place and pre-school education services, the price already includes:
— Language immersion program;

— Psychological and pedagogical support;

— Speech therapy support;

— Choreography;

— Art craft;

— Salt room;

— Baby yoga;

— Martial arts;

— Swimming.